We strive to be industry leaders and that means using the best equipment and having up to date technical knowledge to enable us to provide the best service for you.

By engaging us to maintain your air-conditioning regularly we will ensure that it runs to optimum efficiency, helping you to avoid future costly breakdowns, ensuring the longevity of the system.

Many modern systems actually require a regular service schedule by law, so with this in mind we offer a frequent service contract that starts from once a year upwards.

Maintaining Excellence

We are happy to provide you with a FREE quotation for service works. We regularly deal with customers from the smaller domestic to large industrial and commerical sites such as power stations, drinks manufacturers, high end jewellers etc.

We can also take over servicing and maintainance of equipment you might have that has not been installed by ourselves and can normally organise transfer of warranties.

Regular maintenance of your air-conditioning systems will ensure that it runs to optimum efficiency, help prevent future breakdowns and ensure longevity of the system. It is also a legal requirement on many systems.

If you prefer a regular service contract then we can put one in place for terms ranging from 1 year upwards. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can simply arrange for one of our staff to call you and inform you when your next maintenance visit is due, you can then approve the service date and time, as simple as that!

If a malfunction is detected during routine service works and our engineer has assessed that it can be completed during the scheduled service time then this will be carried out and no extra charge will be made unless previously agreed.

If during a service a malfunction is detected that cannot be repaired during the scheduled service time then our engineer will note the details on the service paperwork, leave a copy with you and return his copy to our head office . Once the office is in receipt of the paperwork they will then proceed to calculate the cost of required repair works and forward the details to you via fax, post or e-mail.

We will then await your approval before proceeding further.

For a FREE site survey and quotation for service/maintenance works please call us on 01245321615 or email:

Service Contracts

New F-gas regulations will require, by law, a minimum number of inspections/maintenance visits per year to prevent refrigerant leakage. For more information on F-gas click here F-GAS.

Signing up to a regular maintenance schedule gives you the peace of mind that your systems are maintained in good working order, helping you to avoid the cost and inconvenience of breakdowns and emergency call outs.

Service contracts are tailor made to suit your requirements.

Holders of maintenance contracts with Coolheat Services Limited are given priority when scheduling works.

Call Coolheat Services Limited for a FREE, no obligation quotation on 01245 321615 or email or visit our Contact Page to get in touch.